Guyana’s former Ambassador to the UN dies

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GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Feb. 5, CMC – Guyana’s former Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Noel Sinclair died Saturday after a battle with cancer.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release said Ambassador Sinclair’s passing “represents the end of a career that was spent almost entirely within the diplomatic service noting that in the 1960’s he jointed the then newly established Ministry of External Affairs was appointed to Guyana’s Embassy in Caracas.
Throughout his career, he served at the Embassy in Washington, the High Commission in Lusaka, Zambia and as Permanent Representative to the UN in 1979.
‘It is clear that Ambassador Sinclair’s rise in the Foreign Service was based on his understanding of international Diplomacy, his capacity for hard work and his ability for productive interpersonal relations. And it must be said that his success is all the more noteworthy because it came at a time when professional achievement occurred against the background of a highly competitive Foreign Service.”
The Minister said Sinclair’s work and achievements at overseas Missions ensured that he would ascend to the highest position of the Foreign Service – “that of Director General, a position that was re designated from that of Permanent Secretary to bring it in line with the other Foreign Ministries of Latin America. To this position, Ambassador Sinclair brought his skills as an administrator and his understanding of the needs and purposes of the Foreign Service.”
The statement added that the late Ambassador “ was as close as one would get to the image of an ideal diplomat for a country like Guyana. If we refer to his capacity for good speech it is because his presentations at the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations were often well received.”
Ambassador Sinclair was 76 years old.

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