Guyana wants re-commitment to multilateralism

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Guyana Wednesday called for a renewal in multilateralism and re-affirmed its sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence as critical elements to peace.
Addressing a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) at the United Nations, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge also called for a renewed commitment to the UN’s disarmament agenda
Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge addressing Non-Aligned Movement
He described the meeting of the foreign affairs ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement as “timely given the multiple emerging challenges to international peace and security.
Greenidge said that it was ‘for this reason, Guyana endorses the prudence of recognising the importance at this juncture in harnessing and enhancing multilateralism to respond effectively to the myriad challenges we face, especially within the framework of international law.”
He said for Guyana, as a small, developing country with well-known security challenges, the multilateral recourse has been an automatic instinct and an imperative.
Greenidge said that his country’s close reliance on the Charter of the United Nations and the NAM principles as the peaceful resolution of disputes, respect for the territorial integrity of States, non-interference in the internal affairs of States and solidarity with other States, has served Guyana well.
The Foreign Affairs Minister made mention of four specific aspects he believes will lend to accelerated progress towards a culture of peace and called for a renewal of faith in multilateralism built on the foundation of dialogue, engagement and compromise.
“The challenges we face at the current juncture require us to act in concert to generate real solutions and my hope is that we will work together for the triumph of multilateralism,” Greenidge noted.
He said sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence are important elements as he made known Guyana’s abhorrence of attempts to infringe on the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of states.
He urged the NAM to be unrelenting in its protest against every action that seeks to compromise these principles.
“Guyana affirms that respect for the inherent dignity, equality and inalienable rights of all members of the human family remains the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. One of the principal tenets on which a culture of peace must be based is full respect for and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms,” Greenidge said.
He said peace and development are intertwined and inter-dependent, while calling for the collective confronting of the elements that produce insecurity in member countries and the world at large.
“I, therefore, urge all of us to renew our commitment to the UN’s disarmament agenda and not in word only but more importantly by requisite action as together we work for development, peace and security.”
The NAM was held under the theme “Upholding the UN charter and the purposes and principles of the Non-Aligned Movement: towards a culture of peace.”

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