Guyana: Three-year-old killed by speeding car while on his way to kite flying

Dead: Ashton Sears (source: kaieteurnewsonline)

The life of a three-year-old child was snuffed out yesterday afternoon, shattering the kite flying plans of his family and dampening the mood of other kite flyers on the Haslington Seawall.

Ashton Sears was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was rushed in the same car that struck him down on the Haslington Sideline, East Coast Demerara.

The accident occurred mere feet from where Sears’ parents stood.

All they could do was stare in horror as the car dragged the toddler several feet away.

The dead child’s distraught mother, Samantha Murphy, and his father, Kevin Sears, were inconsolable at the GPHC, after doctors told them that there was nothing that could be done to save their son.

Fighting back tears, Murphy recalled that she, her husband and their three children, including a baby, were heading to the Haslington seawall to fly their kites when the tragedy occurred.

She told this newspaper that they had just emerged from the car that took them to the location and were tending to the children. Her husband was setting up the baby stroller, when the speeding car halted their plans.

“I had the baby and my big daughter and my three-year-old son; we were standing right at the side of the road and this guy was coming from the seawall with one speed and just pick up my son,” Murphy cried.

The sight of her son lying motionless with blood spurting from a gaping wound in his head caused Murphy to faint.

When she came to, people were putting her in the same car which rushed them to the Georgetown Public Hospital; but little Ashton appeared to be dead already.

“While coming in the car, oh God, I praying. And de driver telling my husband to tell me to relax because he wasn’t focusing on what he was doing…that the child short and he didn’t see he,” Murphy explained.

Sherwin Sears, the child’s father fought hard to restrain himself from being overcome with grief.

Although he was standing just a few feet away, he did not see when the car hit his son; he only became aware when his wife alerted him to the tragedy.

“In the corner me son get knock down….I was setting up my daughter stroller. My wife just tek out me son from de car and me wife call me and say, ‘Sherwin, Sherwin, look Ashton get knock down.’ How dis thing happen so fast. We just jump out dis car,” Sherwin Sears told Kaieteur News.

He said that he knows the driver, who is also from Haslington.

“He just telling we, he so short, he didn’t see de child, he didn’t focusing and a whole set of stupidness. Me son whole head tear away,” Sears stated.

Police have detained the driver who according to reports has given a different version of what transpired.

Kaieteur News understands that the driver is claiming that the child ran across the road and into his path and, since the area was congested, he could not avoid hitting him.

Investigations into the accident are continuing.