Gunman robs All Saints family, traumatises mother of five

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A 44-year-old mother of five who was the victim of a robbery in her apartment over the weekend, said she’s now fearful of sleeping in her own home after the attack in which she was held at gunpoint.
Brichelle Winter, who lives in All Saints, just off Jonas Road, said the incident has also left her 20-year-old son uneasy and he too has been unable to sleep since the “scary” invasion.
In an interview while at a friend’s house yesterday afternoon, Winter told OBSERVER media, “I don’t want to be home alone. It is so sad and I can’t take the fact knowing someone violated me in that way, I always thought I was safe that way but I was shown otherwise.”
Explaining what she meant by feeling safe “that way” the woman said she lives on the second floor of an apartment building and believed no one would be so brazen to try to get in given the seeming difficult task it would have been.
“I am distraught; it is really shocking someone would go that far. But I am trying to stay strong. I can’t keep breaking down because of my children … one of them is a five year old but he was not there when it happened,” she said. Apart from the 20-year-old son, none of the other children were present during the attack.
The woman said the robber seemingly planned his attack carefully and well in advance because he knew exactly when and where to strike.
She revealed that the man who invaded her house used a ladder to get to the upstairs window and said she “felt his presence when he crawled inside”.
“I thought it was one of my sons in my room but when I woke up and caught myself, I saw this man and got up, he pointed a gun at me and told me to be quiet, that he didn’t want to hurt anybody,” she recounted.
Winter said she was frightened and complied with his orders but when he demanded money, she said she had none to give him.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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