Gun-toting bandits threaten toddler during home invasion

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A McKinnon’s grandmother and businesswoman is still reeling in shock after gunmen stormed her home and held her son and grandaughter face down with guns to their heads while demanding cash and other valuables.

June Clarke-Fortune said her four-year-old granddaughter is severely traumatised, while another family member was injured from jumping through a window to escape the robbers and call the police.

The ordeal began at 3 a.m. Thursday while the family was asleep. They were awakened by the noise of the front door being kicked down, followed by the bedroom doors. One robber was masked and the other was not. A getaway car remained outside, reportedly with the engine still running.

The family said when the bandits entered the house, they took the toddler from her room and Clarke-Fortune’s 20-year-old son, and put them to lie face down and threatened to shoot them in their heads if Clarke-Fortune and her husband, Winslow Fortune, did not hand over their valuables.

The husband, a well-known farmer, was beaten in the face during the attack. When the thieves realised another occupant of the house had escaped, they hurriedly grabbed the cash that was being handed to them, a pair of shoes and a cellular phone.

Around this same time last year, the Fortune family was targeted by thieves and their passports and cash were stolen. The items were in a bag in a bedroom.

The family said they are still awaiting word from the police regarding any progress with the probe into this latest incident.

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