Gun discharged during carjacking


An unmasked assailant opened fire on a driver on Monday night during a carjacking on Independence Drive.

Dr. Anike Anthony said she was heading home from the Ottos Wesleyan Church when she pulled up at the traffic light on Independence Drive at approximately 9:30 p.m. Her car windows were partially down and the doors were unlocked when, she said, an armed man approached her vehicle and demanded that she get out of the car.

“I was waiting at the light. Then, I noticed a young man walking up from the back of the vehicle. Then, he stopped at the window and pointed the gun at me. I was still a little shocked and wondered if he was serious. He opened the door and fired a shot. So, I stepped out the vehicle, he got in, swerved out the queue and drove off,” she explained, adding that she escaped harm because the bullet penetrated the asphalt road.

Dr. Anthony’s car was fifth in line at the traffic light. When the gunshot rang out, she said the vehicle immediately in front of her swerved out of the queue and sped through the traffic light, which was still red. She said there were no vehicles behind her during the carjacking.

As the drama unfolded, she said that the occupants of the three other vehicles waiting for the traffic light to turn green were apparently unaware of what happened to her.

She recounted watching her white Nissan Tiida, registration plate A40034, speed away from the scene. Anthony called for help with the cellphone she happened to still have in her hand as she exited the car.

The doctor’s medical tools, personal items and her two daughters’ school bags were left in the stolen vehicle.

The police have recovered the bullet from the street and are searching for Dr. Anthony’s car as they continue to investigate the incident.

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