Guilty of murder

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A guilty verdict was handed down for murder accused Steve “Crypto” Urlings who had been on trial for the past few weeks for killing Albert “Pressure Man” Browne on September 1, 2014.
He has been remanded to prison until his sentencing to be conducted by Justice Iain Morley in the High Court.
During the trial, the court heard that the convict was seen fleeing Boobey Alley, Point where the shooting occurred.
Constable Jermaine Moore was one of the people who testified that he saw Urlings making his escape when he responded to the report of the incident.
Moore testified that he was in the area and heard the shooting. He said based on information he received from one of the witnesses who later testified at the trial, he chased the man he believed to be the suspect of the fatal shooting.
The officer said he was accompanied by a female teenager and they followed Urlings in a Toyota van from Wilkinson Cross and Dickenson Bay Street, onto several streets in Point. When they reached Fort Road, the officer said he saw Urlings’ face as the murder accused turned his head to monitor traffic before crossing the street.
Moore stated that the chase was joined by other law enforcement officers and continued into lower Gambles when the man who was wearing a white vest, white three-quarter pants and a pair of black shoes, jumped the St John’s Public Cemetery fence and continued in Cassada Gardens where the officers lost him.

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