(Guest Comment) Cultural Christianity: The Modern Counterfeit

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Some may find it offensive to discuss, but it is a truism that needs little defense – most people living in this post-Christian era of western decline haven’t got the faintest understanding of what constitutes an authentic Christian. Modern Christianity has become so corrupted through moral and political compromise that it has been stripped of its vitality. By yielding to the western global agenda to neutralize gender, normalize homosexuality and redefine the family, the modern church has become a repulsive cultural counterfeit. This acculturated apostate Christianity is doctrinally hollow, morally bankrupt and spiritually atrophied. It has been eviscerated of its transcendent core values and precepts. All that remains is an effete, nostalgic, skeletal folklore embellished with Christian clichés and symbols. Cultural Christianity is a religious farce with little resemblance to its original counterpart.
To illustrate its decadence, one only has to look at the shameful roster of those who lay claim to its membership—sodomites, lesbians, abortionists, evolutionists, transgender advocates, champions of same-sex marriage and other nondescript religious relativists.
I unequivocally and unapologetically declare on the basis of scriptural authority that such religious practitioners have no part in the kingdom of God. We must never vindicate or justify those whom God has reprobated (1 Cor.6: 9-10; Rev. 22: 15; Rom.1:24-28).
There is no merit in proffering a false hope to desensitized miscreants. Truth is often unpleasant, but lessening its pungency by diluting its meaning only vitiates its redemptive powers of liberation. It is a shameful betrayal of the Christian Faith to sanction what God clearly condemns and tamper with the moral code He has established. The greatest human conceit is to play “god “by re-writing and re-defining the moral strictures of scripture. This is an affront to God’s sovereignty and majesty. Men are stewards, not Lords!
In this dread maze of religious confusion, accentuated by moral and spiritual inversion (Isaiah5:20), can we still define who is a true Christian or is it pompous arrogance to try to do so? Unafraid of pejorative labels, let me venture where few would even dare to go—defining the authentic Christian! Who is a real Christian and what are his defining credentials? Let me tell you, though you may vehemently protest what appears to be  religious arrogance. But you are not the first nor will you be the last to fret against unpleasant truth. Truth is brutally painful, ask any honest person.
A Christian is one who has been so convicted of his sins by the Holy Spirit that he is moved to repentance and a vital faith in the redemptive work of the Living Christ. The evidence that a true saving, supernatural work of grace has occurred in the life is threefold: a changed life (2Cor.5:17), the pursuit of holiness (1Tim.2:15; Heb.12:14;2Cor7:1;1Pet.1:15-16) and the desire to do God’s will (Mat.7:21). When these features are conspicuously missing from any religious profession that profession is suspect. Much of the sham we call Christianity is an embarrassment to heaven. Few could be tried in the courts of “Caesar” today and be found guilty of impersonating New Testament Christianity.
Authentic Christianity is about reality not stage craft. To profess to be a Christian is no trifling matter. Uncertainty or ambivalence about one’s eternal standing before God should never be a gamble. The stakes are too high and the consequences too dire. This is why cultural Christianity which darkens knowledge, muddies understanding, and redefines truth is the preeminent threat to true Christianity.
Cultural Christianity’s alliance with the social agenda of decadent western powers has jeopardized the faith of the remnant church which refuses to compromise Biblical truth in order to ingratiate itself with the ruling class or appear socially relevant. The true church’s first loyalty is to God and His truth. To compromise His truth is to incur His wrath. The expression of that wrath is not necessarily violent as Romans chapter one illustrates. However, as this same chapter teaches, the gravest manifestation of God’s wrath is when He removes all moral constraints and abandons man to his basest passions. This is exactly the current state of the contemporary world. For those who doubt this assessment, watch your television and read the newspaper and its reality will finally hit home.
An enemy has caused this evil and that enemy is cultural Christianity. Only four things can save the day- brokenness, repentance, prayer and revival. Let us weep for the state of the church; it may not be too late. Perhaps the Lord will save us from our own senseless self-destruction. On your knees!
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