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Group launches online database for cold cases in A&B; 114 unsolved cases registered to date


By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Information compiled by an online database, created by a group of Antiguan volunteers, have so far registered over 114 unsolved cases in Antigua and Barbuda, ranging from murders to people who have gone missing without a trace.

The Case files-missing persons and unresolved murders in Antigua and Barbuda Facebook page was created over three weeks ago by a number of individuals who are “dedicated to bringing awareness to missing, unidentified people and unsolved murders throughout the country”.

The directors behind the social media page say they are currently overwhelmed by the information and tips they are receiving from people who have either called or emailed with sensitive information which is passed on the to right people once it is useful.

They assured that the information provided is kept in the strictest confidence. The cases featured on the page have also sparked reactions from family members and loved ones who are directly affected by these unsolved cases and others.

The names of the people behind the social media page are being withheld due to the nature of the work they are currently doing and for their own safety.

Thirty-five-year-old mother of Five Susan Powell was the first to be featured on the page on April 20. Powell was shot to death at her workplace in Heritage Quay in 2013.

Among the others featured to date are Juvere Christopher, Tray Griffith, Gerald Omard, Kerriann Joshua, Roman Mussabekov, Hyacinth Gage, George Atwood, Vincia James, Craig Richards, Kenneth Dyer, Jean Welch, Doris Leonhartsberger, Marvin Francis, Ayanna Christian, and many others who have gone missing for several years.

Some of the unsolved murders include that of 45-year-old Dave Anthony of Potters who was killed in his home in March 2020; Dominican nationals Alix Riviere and Alwin ‘Bougg’ Robins, who were murdered execution style in 2012; and Alba Coates who died January 2014 from gunshot injuries, he received during the Christmas holidays.

So far, approximately 3,381 people have liked the social media page, while 3,517 are following it. The group members say they intend to create an entire database which will be shared until lawmen are able to make breakthroughs with these cases.

Anyone wishing to provide information to case files could do so by calling or sending a message to 1268-724-5800 or email [email protected].



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