Grieving mother says son’s death left a void

Murder accused Kareem Richards
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By Latrishka Thomas

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Desolation could be heard in every word rendered by mother of Ogwambi “Jahijah” Marshall who was killed at the hands of a friend in 2018.

Yesterday, Joycelyn Marshall was called to the stand to tell the court how the tragic incident had impacted her, prior to the sentencing hearing of the killer, Kareem Richards.

“Every day we cry. We miss him so much,” she told the court.

“It impacts me a lot but the Father is with me a lot. I give thanks to the Father,” Joycelyn continued.

She went on to share that Ogwambi lived with her for 29 years and supported her in every way possible.

“He was my boy,” she said, before breaking down in tears.

Richards admitted to killing Marshall of Christian Valley in February 2018 during a fight which erupted from an argument over derogatory remarks made about his sexuality.

While on trial for murder, he agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter by way of provocation.

Richards used a sharp object to inflict multiple stab wounds about Marshall’s body.

The post-mortem examination revealed 10 lacerations, including to Marshall’s heart, stomach and lungs.

According to the pathologist, the victim died as a result of the laceration to his heart.

Yesterday, Richards’ lawyer Michael Archibald asked the judge to consider his client’s previous unblemished record as well as statements given by persons who knew him.

“This incident is very out of character with what the community, family and employers know to be the man that is Kareem Richards,” Michael stated.

The judge adjourned the matter to July 15 for sentencing.

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