Grieving mother calls on police to do more to catch ‘dangerous’ brother

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Ineta Liburd was not one of those mothers who welcomed the New Year with joy and love, surrounded by all her children and grandchildren.
Instead, she’s a mother who continues to grieve the murder of her daughter, Tahisha Thomas, and her daughter-in-law, Sanchezca Charles.
She’s also hurt about her son Lawrence James being seriously injured by a gunshot to the face.
Liburd says January 5 this year, which marked three months since the
October 5 attack on her
family, was no less painful than the day her brother, Calvin “Burga” James,
went on a shooting rampage at the family’s Donovan’s home.
“I am doing therapy a lot, and I am still mourning. It’s painful because every time I see a picture of my daughter it is not easy. And my small son, because he is so accustomed so much to her, he is crying. My life is mash up, my work, everything. I don’t know about my money, if they send a letter through the ministry so I’d still get paid. I don’t know what is taking place and also the rest of my children are down there,” she lamented.
Liburd, who was in protective custody in Antigua before she left the country for her own safety, said three of her six surviving children are still in protective custody here and it has been really difficult for them to lead normal lives.
The mother said the police ought to be doing more than just issuing public notices about Calvin “Burga” James who has been on the run since the day of the deadly attack.
She said her brother is dangerous and would not stop until he kills her or another member of the family.
In 2015, he allegedly beat and tased her, and beat and chopped one of her daughters following a row over the family’s property.
He was charged and the case was called up for arraignment in late September last year, just days before the second attack which left two people dead, including her daughter. An attempt was also made to kill her son.
“It’s really unfair for this man to be still on the loose. People have seen him and I can’t hear no result of nothing. When the police commissioner, the governor general and Gaston Browne can go home and sleep normal and sleep well, my life is gone, my life is ruined. Who can bring it back? Every day I pray to God, I ask him, listen, just give me justice, make them find this man so my dead daughter and my son’s girlfriend and my son can get justice,” the mother said.
On the morning of the incident, after shooting the trio, Calvin “Burga” James stole a vehicle and escaped. He allegedly stole at least two more vehicles to evade the police.
Not long after the incident, the police issued a wanted bulletin for him and a reward of $25,000 was offered.
Up to late yesterday, he was still on the run.

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