GRENADA-POLITICS- Political leader call for election boycott – likens electronic voter ID cards to “mark of the beast”

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, May 11, CMC – Founder of the Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP) Derick Sealy has urged Grenadians to boycott the next general election as he believes that the electronic voter identification card system is the “mark of the beast” as prophesied in the Bible.
“I am calling for the Grenadian people to boycott that elections in their tens of thousands by not going to the polls and vote, sending a message to those in charge that the cards they are giving the people are the mark of the beast, ” said Sealy who also said need to understand the stance being taken by a Christian political party.
Sealy, a retired trader, well known across the island for his seamoss drink, is yet to identify like minded individuals as candidates in 14 of the 15 constituencies.
He noted that if his party was the wins the next general election – that is constitutionally due by May 2018 – the party will end electronic registration in all its forms and return to the old format.
Besides the electronic voter card, Sealy sys his party will also eliminate National Health Insurance.
“We will no longer register our people in the multipurpose registration system, we will return to the old ways, this thing is a new phenomenon, it’s very new but we have lived hundreds and thousands of good years on earth before this come in,” said Sealy who contested the 2008 as an independent candidate in the St George’s South constituency – received four votes in that election.
The GCPP is one of four small political organisations actively campaigning for a seat in the 15 member Parliament.
The two major parties are the National Democratic Congress and the ruling New National Party.

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