GRENADA-CARNIVAL-Government to launch probe into postponed “Panorama” competition

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Aug 14, CMC – The Grenada government Monday said it would launch an investigation into the reasons why the annual Panorama competition did not take place over the last weekend as Grenadians continue to celebrate the annual Carnival activities.
Patrons who gathered at the Junior Murray/Rawle Lewis stand of the National Cricket Stadium were told nearly three hours after the schedule start of the event that the competition would not now take place. The organisers, Spicemas Corporation, which receives an annual subvention of EC$700,000 (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) to stage the Carnival activities here, says it hopes to stage the Panorama competition this coming weekend.
“The Government is extremely concerned about the fact that Panorama did not take place as planned and pan lovers, as well as pan players, including the large number of young people, were deprived of an opportunity to participate in this rich annual cultural tradition,” according to an official statement released here.
“We recognize steel pan as an indispensable stakeholder in our biggest cultural festival which draws thousands to our island every year. It is unfortunate that, at the height of the carnival season, pan players were not allowed to showcase on our biggest cultural stage, their extensive hours, days and weeks of preparation.
“The Government expresses solidarity with pan lovers and everyone in general following the last minute postponement of this important aspect of our carnival and culture. We reiterate our regret to the general public at home and abroad and to all our visiting friends for this unfortunate incident,” the statement noted, promising a comprehensive probe into the matter.
The Keith Mitchell administration said that it is in communication with the “necessary bodies responsible for making those decisions and we look forward to them providing timely answers.
“Like the general public, we look forward to more details as plans unfold,” the release noted, adding that the competition, branded as “Pantastic Saturday” will be held on August 19.

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