Greene takes vaccine shortage concerns to Serbia

Chet Greene addresses 60th Anniversary of NAM in Serbia
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

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Foreign Affairs Minister E P Chet Greene has used the 60th Anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Serbia to pitch for global coordination in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“A call for global coordination and solidarity in the fight against this deadly virus is yet to result in effective and upward distribution in life saving vaccines and other medical supplies,” Greene told those gathered in Belgrade.

The anniversary also recounted the achievements of the NAM and its contributions to human civilization while renewing its commitment to the service of humanity, especially in the face of today’s global pandemic.

He said the world is experiencing a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives and battered economies, where health and economic fallout left long scars among the most vulnerable segments of the society.

“We are challenged now more than ever to find ways of strengthening our efforts as a movement to build alliances and cooperate strategies to avert a bigger crisis for our citizens,” Greene added.

Antigua and Barbuda, highlighted climate change problems and solutions and called on the NAM to assume global leadership in these issues.

 “Antigua and Barbuda like many other Caribbean countries continue to call on the international communities to be more supportive of our need for cooperation to fight the impact of climate change,” he added.

Greene said Small Island Developing States are unable to fight against climate change singlehandedly.

“We cannot fight this climate war alone. The devastating nature and frequent storms caused by climate change have become national priorities that we are unable to tackle alone. Climate change is a threat to SIDS,” he said.

Greene also issued a call to the NAM to advocate on behalf of the Caribbean Reparations Movement in the global councils for reparatory justice.

The Foreign Minister recommitted Antigua and Barbuda to the ‘lofty but achievable’ ideals of the 60-year-old organisation.

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