Greene: I thought of giving up many times

National sprinter, Cejhae Greene.
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By Neto Baptiste

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted sports on a global stage over the past six months and has forced organisers to either cancel or postpone major international events like the Copa America, now slated for 2021, and the Olympic Games, now also slated for 2021.

The deadly virus, which has claimed close to 800,000 lives to date, has also affected the livelihood of many professional athletes and has also had a mental impact on many.

National sprinter, Cejhae Greene, is no exception.

Greene told the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show that there were many times he thought of packing it all up and calling it day.

“I’d be lying if I said no because there have been times when I’ve sat down and asked what am I even training for this year and I might as well save my body and try to save a little extra money and just pack it up until next year. Having spoken to my agent and my father [Colin Greene], he said ‘Cejhae you have already done all this work and you don’t want to break your routine’, and so he just gave me good advice. Even though it is hard he said that I should just stick with it and everything will work out and they haven’t led me wrong so far,” he said.

The US-based sprinter said his season will end within weeks as he hopes to refocus swiftly in an attempt to get an early advantage going into the start of the next season.

“There is only so much left for the season, so honestly, I would probably try to pack it up at the end of the month before I try to get back on a regular schedule with the previous year being so long. This year kind of gave us an opportunity to try and get back on a regular schedule, so I would probably try and get one or two more races in this month and probably call it that and then rest the body and go hard again, start it all over again,” he said. Greene clocked 10.38 seconds at the America Track League event held in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, capturing the 100 meters event as he signalled his return to the track.

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