Greene calls for responsible use of stadium after child’s fall

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The Minister of Sports is urging responsible use of the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds (SVRCG) and other facilities, after a child fell from approximately 30 feet through a window on Tuesday.
The four-year-old girl was rushed to hospital with a fractured right knee and injuries to the face. Her mishap occurred while she was attending her brother’s wedding reception.
Yesterday, minister E P Chet Greene told OBSERVER media that the injured child’s fall was indeed terrifying. He, however, said there is nothing more that the stadium authorities can do except to deploy human security personnel as a part of the service package for activities.
“This would have a direct impact on the rental costs for the facility and this is not presently contemplated or even desirable. Instead, we [advocate] responsible use of the facility including parental control of children,” Greene said.
Event organisers can rent the SVRCG for parties, weddings and other functions.
“The stadium, as a public facility, has the best security, health and safety equipment of all the facilities on the island and all systems are serviced and maintained on a regular basis,” he added.
Stadium Manager Conliffe Phillip had said that the window from which the child fell is located in the stairwell between the second and third floors, and it does not open beyond “12 to 14 inches”.
The wedding reception was being held in the Presidential Suite at the stadium when at least two children playing in the stairwell reportedly climbed through the window.
The girl landed on the concrete pavement while the boy was saved by a reception guest, Sherlock St John who took a quick dive to catch him when he released his hold from the window.
St John earlier said he arrived at the stadium at about 5:30 pm and stopped to adjust his tie when he heard children making noise and then he heard a thud in the yard. That’s when he saw the girl the ground. He then looked up and saw the boy dangling from above and caught him before he hit the ground.

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