Grays Green students get free dental care

Preliminary dental examinations were carried out on Grade Nine students attending Greenbay Junior Secondary School last week, as staff at Grays Green Dental Clinic initiated a plan designed to provide dental care for children in the area.

Led by Senior Dental Officer Dr Gregson Williams, clinic staff completed examinations on 76 students, and consent has since been sought from the parents of 30 of those who require follow-up treatment.

That treatment, to include fillings, cleanings and tooth sealants, will be delivered to the students free of cost, a release from the Ministry of Health stated. If there are any extractions to be done, the child will have to return to the general clinic accompanied by a parent.

Additionally, plans are already in motion to conduct similar examinations at all the schools in the Grays Green community and as of April, two days per week will be reserved for the programme which will be continuous.

Dr Williams indicated that his team also intends to start a flouride rinse programme in the schools in Zone 1 (from Five Islands to Old Road) for children for children aged six to 12.

“It is important to note that most dental diseases are silent and by the time patients have pain costly treatment to save the teeth is required and most times the teeth have to be extracted,” the communiqué said. “For over 50 years now it has been researched and proven that a weekly rinse of 0.2 per cent sodium fluoride solution reduces decay by as much as 40 per cent.”