Grays Farm Man Fined 20k for Possession of Cannabis

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Akeem Nesbitt of Grays Farm has until the end of July this year to pay a fine of $20, 000 for Possession of Cannabis, or serve a term of 18 months at His Majesty’s Prison.

The 35-year-old Grays Farm man, along with two others were arrested and jointly charged with Possession of two pounds of Cannabis; Importation of Cannabis, and Being cocerned in the Supplying of Cannabis.

The Court heard that on Friday, 24 March 2023, the police and customs were conducting joint operation at the General Post Office, when they discovered two pounds of cannabis inside a cardboardbox. The substance was seized and taken to the police station.

Further investgations by the police into the matter led to their arrests, and they were taken into custody and charged.

They were taken before the court on Friday 3 March, and the defendant Nesbitt pleaded guilty to the charge of Possession of Cannabis. He was fined $20,000. The other charges against him were withdrawn, as well as those against the other defendants.

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