Gray’s Farm facility not original concept says Spencer

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The newly-built community structure which houses an “indoor” basketball facility in the Gray’s Farm community, does not embrace the original thought negotiated with the Chinese.
This is according to former prime minister and former parliamentary representative for the Rural West Constituency, Baldwin Spencer. 
“The original concept that was put forward is not what we eventually got, however, I believe that some improvements, changes can be made to make it better but this will obviously have to come after it has been commissioned and turned over,” he said. 
“You must remember that this was a gift that was negotiated by the Chinese and my understanding of the situation is that you would put forward certain proposals but the Chinese would have to look at that and they would come back with their take. The extent to which that was done or the Chinese were just left to give us what they want to give us, I am not sure what transpired there,” he added. 
There have been numerous public debates over the basketball court housed within the structure, with many describing it as inadequate. 
The court, originally intended to be an indoor facility, is said to be far from its original concept with some reporting that it has been flooded by recent rains.
According to Spencer, the Chinese would have made a final decision regarding how the structure was to be erected, adding that the adjacent King George V Ground was included in the original plans. 
“I am not knocking anybody on this but the overall idea for the transformation of that particular area, and not only the Knuckle Block area with regards to the facility [sports and community centre] that is now being organised, but with King George V Ground itself,” the former PM said. 
“It was all part of one big comprehensive programme and the plan is all there because Public Works has everything. It was to have been a two-phased project to completely transform that particular area of the community,” he added.  
A former president of the Empire Football Club, Spencer revealed that the project had been in the pipelines almost 10 years ago. 
“In fact, this project should have been taking place before the 2009 general elections but it was felt it might have been a little bit of a political situation as far as the Chinese were concerned so that was delayed somewhat. Then, finally, it was decided around the end of 2012 that the project would have been on,” he said.  
Although completed, the supply of electricity to the building has been delayed as the authorities await the arrival of a transformer. 

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