Granny gets jail time for manslaughter

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Seventy-year-old Millicent Cornwall-Roberts is likely to spend the rest of her life in jail now that Justice Keith Thom has sentenced her to 25 years for killing her granddaughter, Jael Thomas.
The sentence was handed down yesterday in the High Court.
Cornwall-Roberts was found guilty of manslaughter in July this year after a week-and-a-half trial during which she turned down her lawyer’s recommendation to plead guilty to manslaughter.
Justice Thom said that the evidence that came out at the trial revealed a heinous offence.
The grandmother savagely beat her 18-year-old granddaughter with a stick for some time in the wee hours of September 22, 2014, and did not stop even after a neighbour tried to intervene.
The court heard how the granny ignored the neighbour and dragged the teen into the house where she continued beating her about the body.
When she asked for water to drink, Cornwall-Roberts refused to get it for the battered teen who was so badly beaten that she could not walk.
Cornwall-Roberts instead made the child crawl from her room to the refrigerator to get the water, even though she was bleeding badly from a puncture wound on her foot.
The evidence at trial included testimony of the trail of the girl’s blood that was spilled from the kitchen to the bedroom where her body was found slumped partially off the bed.
The judge said that it was particularly troubling that the convicted grandmother, who celebrated her birthday on the day of the killing, and who had some medical training as a nursing aid, allowed the teen to bleed to death in her All Saint’s home.

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