Granny found guilty of manslaughter

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Millicent Cornwall-Roberts has been found guilty of manslaughter after a week and a half on trial for killing her granddaughter Jael Thomas.
The jury handed down the decision at 4 pm today, after five hours of deliberations.

The grandmother on trial for allegedly murdering her granddaughter two and a half years ago, is now awaiting the jury’s decision on whether or not she’s guilty.
Millicent Cornwall Roberts allegedly beat 18 year old Jael Thomas to death after the child snuck out the house and was caught when she returned in the wee hours with two boys.
The trial lasted just over a week and at 11 am today, Justice Keith Thom put the matter in the hands of the jurors for their deliberations.
The evidence of the prosecution was that the accused, who was 68 years old, beat the child with a large stick and caused her feet to be fractured, ears to be damaged and a severe cut from which she bled to death.
Witnesses said the child was screaming during the beating and they saw the woman drag her from the gate and into the All Saints house where she was later found dead in her room.
The dead girl’s mother, Vashti Cornwall said she found her bloodied, with cuts and her underwear was soaked in urine. The woman said the accused cleaned up a blood trail which led from the kitchen to the room where the child died.

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