Gov’t to separate Vector Control and Food Safety

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Changes will be made to the current organisational structure at the Central Board of Health (CBH), which falls under the Ministry of Health.
Health Minister Molwyn Joseph made the disclosure during an interview on OBSERVER Radio earlier this week in which he pointed out that the changes include separating Food Safety from Vector Control.
Both portfolios fall under the responsibility of the country’s Chief Health Inspector. However, since the departure of Lionel Michael over a year ago, the government has not appointed a successor.
Joseph was asked whether the government had identified a suitable replacement for Michael who held the post for several years until his retirement in 2017.
In his response, the minister stated that the current make-up of the government agency would have to be changed and two individuals would have to be assigned to manage the portfolios of vector control and food safety instead of one person.
“There is one unit looking at this very complex kind of situation which is very critical to health. The Ministry of Health is thinking that it needs to reorganise itself so that we could have a sharper focus on designing the necessary management and interventions.
“We are separating the two units in terms of management – not taking them apart. Instead of one person being responsible for both, we have to look two individuals,” Joseph said.
The minister said that while the details are yet to be finalised, the government intends to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

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