Gov’t to revitalise vending areas in Public Market and Vendors Square

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By Robert A. Emmanuel

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is considering a plan to improve the aesthetics of vending stalls around the Public Market Square area and the Vendors Square area, with hopes that the aesthetic improvements will ensure uniformity, cleanliness and the attractiveness of the display kiosks.

The number of vendors plying their trade outside of the Public Market area has for years created unpleasant sights and situations, causing drivers, pedestrians and vendors to jostle for space on the road.

According to the Cabinet notes, the plan is to harmonise the display kiosks, which will be colourful and serve as storage booths, would also make the area more attractive.

Appearing at the post-Cabinet press briefing yesterday, Chief Architect of Benjamin Architect Incorporated, Daryl Benjamin, informed the media that the project will reduce the number of vendors outside of the market, leading to better traffic flow and less congestion on the street.

“Dealing with the market has its own fundamental issues. We have vendors spreading outside the market and it is growing at an exponential rate, so we devised a plan to condense everything into the confines of the market itself and redesign the area, so we can have vendors off the street and within a regulated space,” he said.

Executive Director of the St. John’s Development Corporation (SJDC), Craig White stated that vendors will be consulted on the revitalisation project.

“Over the next couple of weeks, we will have some consultation with them so they can be brought up to speed with our plans for the area. We will not be successful if we do not take their peculiar needs into consideration,” he said.

He added that the plans also include an expansion of the area to allow for more vendors to ply their trade.

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