Gov’t to begin moving its accounts from Flow to iNET

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Cabinet spokesman, Melford Nicholas, announced that the government will soon begin the process of moving its services from telecoms provider FLOW (Cable and Wireless Antigua) to government subsidiary APUA iNet.

“I would have discussed with the Junior Minister of Finance, Minister [Lennox] Weston, yesterday,” disclosed Nicholas, “and indicated to him that it is completely appropriate to forcefully migrate the numbers for officers below the level of permanent secretary or officers who would have to travel as a frequent part of [the government’s] business.”

This “forceful migration” will begin this week and will account for approximately 600 government employees.

The Telecommunications Minister also indicated that for those civil servants ranked permanent secretary and above, their migration to iNet will be much longer as the infrastructure to accommodate number portability in Antigua and Barbuda is not yet in place.

“There will be the need for re-engineering,” explained Nicholas.

“It will not be any different from what would have taken place in the OECS last year. There will be third party service providers to be able to facilitate the responsible changing of the numbers from one operator to the next.”

Those high ranked civil servants will have to wait for at least a year and a-half, the Minister approximated, before being able to have their numbers ported to the government-owned telecoms provider as the infrastructure would not be in place until then.

Consideration for the move had been fast-tracked as Cabinet revealed recently that FLOW made requests for it to begin settling its debt totaling millions of dollars.

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