Gov’t commits to fixing Little Creek bridge amid safety concerns

The Little Creek bridge, which was severely damaged during major flooding last November (Photos by Kadeem Joseph)
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By Kadeem Joseph

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Concerns are mounting over the safety of the Little Creek overpass after its integrity was compromised during major flooding last November, however the government has confirmed plans to address the matter.

The raging waters in the waterway caused by the deluge eroded half of the bridge — located in the vicinity of Hall’s Estate — en route to Jennings.

The damage has forced motorists to take turns using the side of the road that is still intact, but there are concerns that heavy traffic and further erosion could cause a complete collapse of the road, thereby placing the lives of commuters in jeopardy.

Several concerned citizens have called Observer media complaining about the matter.

However, Public Works Minister Lennox Weston said repairing the bridge will fall under the expanded road reconstruction programme.

He explained that as part of the second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project being undertaken by the contracting firm, CO Williams Construction Limited (COWCL), workers “will be building a brand-new bridge consistent with road design under the project”.

According to Minister Weston, the company has already completed the initial designs for the new bridge and work has begun.

“The diversion road is presently being prepared, then reconstruction work will begin immediately thereafter,” the minister said.

However, a timeline has not been set for the completion of the road project.

The Ministry of Works had indicated that the second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project will see the resurfacing of Valley Road, parts of Old Parham Road, Anchorage Road and Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

The funding is being provided through an EC$63 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The ministry also indicated that the design and construction project to rehabilitate the four major roads on the island will see the update of two lanes on each carriageway with pavement rehabilitation, widening for bus lay-bys, sidewalks as well as drainage improvements of 27.8 km of road.

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