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Government has given Digicel permission to increase the rates for their post-paid and data services.
In a letter dated January 3 2017, Digicel notified its customers that “effective January 23, post-paid mobile calls, data services and plans will incur a 5 per cent increase to reflect our increased costs. the change will be reflected in your February bill.”
Minister of Utilities Sir Robin Yearwood said that verbal permission was granted to the telecommunications company and they will receive an official letter today.
“We agreed to give it by word, but they will get the hard copy letter tomorrow [today],” Sir Robin Yearwood said in an OBSERVER media interview.
Customers, who were unaware of the government’s decision, spoke to OBSERVER media yesterday, after noticing that their bills had increased.
Asked if it was legal for Digicel to increase their rates prior to receiving official permission, Sir Robin said it was, once the authorities were given notification.
“Well, I think they have a certain time that they could do it once they did notify us. We didn’t agree or disagree at the time, so we’re going to go along with it. They made a really good case about it, whether it is right or wrong.”
Several other customers have complained that they have been experiencing the 5 per cent hike just days after the announcement and not after the promised date of January 23.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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