Governor General denies UPP’s request for an inquiry

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) has responded to a letter it has received from Governor General Sir Rodney Williams indicating that its request for him to convene an inquiry into the Odebrecht bribery scandal has been denied.
Political Leader of the UPP, Senator Harold Lovell told OBSERVER media yesterday that the party will not relent in its efforts to have the inquiry set up.
“We will step up the pressure. We sought an audience, which we received from the Governor General, we had the discussion. In his letter, he has said certain things. We do not agree, but he is the Governor General, so I respect his view,” Senator Lovell said.
He also revealed that there are plans to start a petition to have the
inquiry, and he has called for public support of the document.
“There is a petition which we are supporting and we are going all out to get people to sign the petition and to get public pressure.”
Earlier yesterday, UPP Public Relations Officer Senator Damani Tabor also addressed the matter on OBSERVER AM and has called this action by the Head of State a clear sign of “compromised” power.
“He gave the same rationale that the prime minister gave, which is it is not in his purview as the Governor General. We’re saying that is a lie and it really does appear that the Governor General is compromised,” Tabor said.
“This failure to act independently really has destroyed his entire credibility which is absolutely regrettable.”
In Senator Tabor’s opinion, the inquiry is not as expensive or labour intensive as some camps say it would be and alluded to these reasons being used as a mask.
“It’s just to say that this body of two or three or five people, you summon Casroy, you summon the prime minister, you summon Lovell. The thing could be done in two afternoons, so the arguments advanced are smoke screens because people have something to hide,” he said.
Approximately two weeks ago, Lovell confirmed that the opposition would be meeting with the Governor General on April 7, after Prime Minister Browne declared that we would not “waste” taxpayers’ money on an “uncorroborated allegation”.

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