Government’s audit laughable -Tabor

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Government’s decision to conduct an audit into the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping, (ADOMS) Building, on Factory Road, is being labelled as pathetic, by the United Progressive Party (UPP) public relations officer, Damani Tabor.
On Thursday, Cabinet announced that, it was fed up with the “massive cost overrun” regarding the retrofitting at the ADOMS building located on Factory Road.
Tabor responded by saying, “If they are saying that their leader is such a wizard and a shrewd manager, how come we are into the second term and this [the building] is not done? It’s also laughable that they saying now, that they are going to conduct an audit in the ADOMS project.”
According to Tabor, this would mean, that the government is, “essentially auditing themselves, because the majority of construction up to this point took place under them, so the majority of cost overruns and all the inefficiencies and mismanagement took place under them, and we look forward to seeing the findings.”
The project which started during the UPP’s second term in office had an estimated cost of $17 million and was projected to be completed in less than two years.
To date it is incomplete and has cost the government over $30 million, so far.
Tabor has also contended that the unfinished Treasury building on the corner of St. Mary’s Street and Independence Avenue which is expected to be completed by November, is another example of government’s letdown.
“I have concerns at the failure of the ALP to complete these projects after having one term passed and they’re now into their second term. They have not provided any figures in the assessment of the treasury building because they know they are lying and this is purely their fault. You claim you have all these investments in economic activity why is completing all of these projects a problem?” he asked.
The treasury building is another UPP administration project which commenced in 2012.

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