Government workers told to increase productivity

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By Makeida Antonio

Minister of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation and Transportation, Sir Robin Yearwood, has vocalised his sentiments regarding public sector workers demonstrating low productivity.

During a speech to “the prestigious 12” interns selected for the 2019 Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) Summer Internship Programme (SIP), he was adamant that some government workers show a lack discipline on the job.

 Sir Robin is of the opinion that the entire public sector needs revitalisation.

“Many of us jump up and say ‘why foreigners are here?’ Foreigners are here because you want them to be here because the jobs that are available, we’re lacking. There’s no discipline in the job. No one can take it up,” he advised the interns who are pursuing tertiary level studies.

Sir Robin also spoke to managers, supervisors, and employees who will be acting in the capacity of mentors for the interns who were in the audience as well.

 He told them that all APUA employees are responsible for the survival of the entity..

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