Government to expand marijuana laws

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It’s projected that the government will go to Parliament by the end of the year, to pass laws allowing for the growing, harvesting, processing and sale of medical marijuana.
Legislation was recently passed, permitting the possession of 15 grammes of ganja and the growing of four cannabis plants per household.
And the government’s Chief of Staff, Lionel Max Hurst says that the laws dealing with medical marijuana would likely make provisions for a board to issue licences.

The government is following the Canadian model, with three Canadians interested in growing medical marijuana in Antigua and Barbuda, appearing recently before the Cabinet.
The Gaston Browne-administration is also looking to learn lessons from Jamaica, a regional trailblazer, in allowing medical marijuana companies to operate there.

The government’s Chief of Staff, Lionel “Max” Hurst.
He says that despite decriminalizing the use of 15 grammes of marijuana, the government is discouraging the smoking of marijuana.

The government chief of staff, Lionel Max Hurst.
The Antigua Barbuda Labour Party promised on the general election trail in 2014, that it would decriminalize small quantities of cannabis.
Because it’s too expensive to pursue convictions for small amounts of ganja and the aim is also to stop young men from getting criminal records that hinder their job opportunities and access to visas.

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