Government says Guyanese national's claims of child abduction 'debunked' by investigators

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The Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) has just released a statement on the case of Guyanese-born, Keoma Hamer’s allegation of abduction of her twin baby daughters at Holberton Hospital 15 years ago. 

The statement concludes, “The investigative expertise of law enforcement is being deployed to determine if there could be any evidence to support her claim, which is debunked by the evidence presented thus far.” 

Dr. Joey John, principal of Medical Surgical Associates, reported by way of a letter dated October 7, 2004, that he had been called to the Holberton Hospital to treat the ailing woman. He confirms that “on 8th September 2004 she had a spontaneous abortion of the twins.” 

This visit by Dr. John came one day after Hamer was said to have given birth to her children. 

Dr. John’s prognosis further indicated however, that “she was 28 weeks pregnant and was later found to have infections that needed to be treated with anti-biotics.” 

The government’s release stated, “a week after the event, she left Antigua for St. Martin. The documentation therefore debunks the claim of live births.” 

The govememt release seemingly seeks to bring Hamer’s character into question as it refers to her as “a female unknown to virtually everyone in Antigua and Barbuda”. 

The statement acknowledged that Hamer, “has made a claim that a nurse informed her that the infants died in childbirth.

Following that harrowing experience, she proceeded to another Caribbean country and has continued to live there for the one-and-one-half-decade up until today. Within the past months, that female has made a claim that she has reason to believe that the twins did not die and that they are now young adults.”

Hamer had been a guest speaker at a JCI-hosted event held at the Multipurpose Centre around two and a half years ago. There, she met with a woman who recognized her from the night her children were born and from there. The woman confirmed what Hamer had thought all along, that her children did not die at childbirth as Hamer had been told. 

Since that time, Hamer had been conducting her own investigations into the matter while soliciting assistance from local law enforcement. 

The government statement said, “having identified one young female as a likely baby of fifteen years ago, the Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police Force persuaded the parents (and child) to undertake DNA tests.

A reputable laboratory has returned irrefutable evidence that the youth is the child of the two parents she calls Mom and Dad. That evidence puts the lie to the claim that this particular young adult is the result of a supposed crime, committed fifteen years ago.”           

The release concludes, “while every young adult, birthed fifteen years ago, cannot be DNA-tested as the three decent people have undergone, a police investigation continues to determine if there is any evidence to support the claim made by the unknown female. The several ministries and the police are pursuing every lead.”

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  1. Stop lie and talk the truth observer he said it seemed like he had an abortion and also he he never said he treated her for that , he was consulted the next the day . Stop carry false news or maybe you all can read good . Do I need to post the letter ??

  2. It never say she had an abortion for sure , the letter said that it seemed .. that’s not a guarantee .. yet still y’all twisting the letter and putting it y’all own words y’all must stop it . Or do I need to post the letter … or maybe y’all don’t know how to read and comprehend

  3. Isn’t it intriguing, how the aggrieved Claimant is capable of finding two look alike of similar age, one from Antigua, the other residing in the United States that matches her features to the “T” to be lying as alleged by the Authorities in Antigua ?

  4. 28 weeks will be still birth so where are the bodies and death certificate? Why wasn’t she placed on Madison ward of she had a spontaneous abortion!?

  5. 28 weeks will be still birth so where are the bodies and death certificate? Why wasn’t she placed on Madison ward if she had a spontaneous abortion!?

  6. Government trying to cover the situation because they know the big problem that they are facing. Government didn’t conduct a proper investigation, due is no record of this woman being hospitalized. No record of his child died and prove of his bodies.. You children ca die, but why you refuse to show the woman the two bodies? Is her right? Also a DNA have to be executed under supervision of a judge, and that is not the case. Is too much dirty stuff here, if you follow the history, you realize that is Antigua who is facing a big splash. If people really believe in God, please act accordingly with the situation. Don’t do mess in life then go to church and say Father forgive me.


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