Government pay scale: high salary on time, low salary late

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Persons in a high salary bracket in the government sector get paid on time while those in the lower brackets often get paid late.
This is according to Vincent Vere Cornelius Jr., manager of Wheels Supermarket on Wireless Road and political hopeful representing the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) in the St. John’s Rural
East Constituency in the upcoming general elections. 
Speaking to OBSERVER media yesterday, Cornelius said, “The people of Antigua and Barbuda have given the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) the mandate to control the economy of this fair land of Antigua and Barbuda. The prime minister says that we have an economic powerhouse, and so from my standpoint where I sit, I don’t see in an economic powerhouse, that there should be a problem in paying the lowest wage workers within our country of Antigua and Barbuda.”
Referencing the workers that clean the streets and bushes within his constituency, he said that “finance should not be a problem” because through proper “government taxation processes” workers should always be able to be paid.
He said that in his constituency, the citizens are plagued with potholes in the road, overgrown bushes and filthy gutters. 
Cornelius stated that as his community is the main hub where a “high degree” of commuters travel daily from east to west, what they see while driving by is a negative reflection of the constituency.
The political hopeful said that although there is a line between social responsibility, where citizens are responsible for their immediate surroundings, and government responsibility, the government pays employees to participate in the beautification of Antigua and Barbuda.
The manager suggested that if the government needs to ease the public purse, they should contact citizens within each constituency who are versed in landscaping, and contract them to keep their constituencies clean.

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