Government mum on former airport CEO’s resignation

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The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has remained tight-lipped regarding the recent resignation of the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA).

This is possibly due to advice obtained by their attorneys.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said since the brief work stoppage which took place last Friday, the Cabinet was been advised against making further public remarks on account of the threat by the former CEO, Stanley Smith, to sue the Airport Authority for constructive dismissal.

Nicholas told media representatives at this week’s post-Cabinet press briefing that due to this, the details of the disagreement which led to Smith’s suspension, his subsequent resignation, and his resorting to the courts will be withheld until he has submitted his pleadings and the ABAA responds.

Last Friday’s incident involved around 100 workers from the V.C. Bird International Airport who stopped working and mounted a demonstration in front of the old airport terminal to protest the suspension of their now former boss and the Human Resource Director, Forsianne Joseph.

The rumored cause of the suspensions is said to be the alleged leak of a report recommending salary increases for ABAA staff.

Smith, a Jamaican, had been at the helm of the ABAA for the past seven years, having been recruited for the job in 2012 under the previous United Progressive Party (UPP) administration.

Since the incident, the Cabinet only reported that it had received a report from the Minister of Aviation, Robin Yearwood, regarding the resignation of the former CEO.

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