Government insists former GG demanding too much money

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Three years after she was removed from office, Former Governor General, Dame Louise Lake-Tack, is yet to get the money due to her.
During Friday’s discussion in Cabinet, the government is still insisting that the sum she’s demanding is just too much.
According to the recent post-Cabinet press statement, the government still thinks Dame Louise Lake-Tack is asking for too much. The statement said the attorneys representing the state and the former governor general have to renegotiate the sum she’s demanding.
Dame Louise is making her demands under the Governor and Governor-General’s Emoluments and Pension Act. This Act said, a governor general is entitled to salary at the rate of just over $108,000 per year, and duty free allowance of nearly $10,000 a year. Dame Louise served approximately seven years as governor general.
The money being requested became payable, when she agreed to leave office in August of 2014, after the government complained to the Queen of England, that the then head of state was uncooperative with the Labour Party administration.
After several failed attempts to determine when and how she would be paid, Dame Louise, filed her
application against the government in court, in December 2014.
OBSERVER media has not yet been able to ascertain the exact amount that was requested. But, earlier reports stated  that the Dame wanted about $1 million in gratuity and outstanding vacation, among other benefits.
In the latest Cabinet briefing, the government said that whatever it agrees to pay, will be done with the interest of protecting taxpayers, with the expectation of fairness to both parties under the law.

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