Goodwin outlines objectives of the DNA's economic policy

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One of the founding members of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Bruce Goodwin says the new party has much to offer to improve the lives of residents and businesses.

We highlight some of the areas of which he spoke Monday night at the official ceremony to name another political hopeful on the DNA ticket. At the time of posting Goodwin’s remarks, that candidate who wishes to contest the St John’s City West seat currently held by Gaston Browne, had not been named.

Here are some of the points Goodwin made:

1: Rationalise the government’s regulatory frame work to enhance the ease of doing business. Get rid of red tape. Enhance the efficiency and customer relations capacity of government departments that interact with businesses.

2: Create an environment that promotes self employment; eradicate unemployment. Unemployment is as high as 35 per cent among youths and 20 per cent unemployment among adults. And, five per cent of the population owns 90 per cent of the wealth. 

3: We will significantly lower the cost of living by enabling the creation of firms that will manufacture and process the goods we consume.

4: We will bring an end to the culture of ‘check your minister’. We will confine the minister to policy oversight and implementation.

The DNA is promising to create a package of “attractive incentives” for local direct investors (LDI).

“When was the last time you heard of locals? All you hear about is foreign direct investment,” Goodwin said.
The policy, according to the DNA founding member, will include encouraging small businesses such as vendors and car washes to expand and strengthen the efficiency of their enterprises.
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