Gonsalves Pleased With Arg’s Preparation

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA), Everton “Batow” Gonsalves, said that he is pleased with the progression of work at the Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG) as they prepare for the start of the Premier Division competition tentatively set for October 21.
The former national player heaped praises on groundskeeper, Anthony Merrick, for the work he has done thus far, adding that the installation of the pump will be done in short order.
“We’ve had the greatest curator in the country with us and he is happy. He has given us some exciting dates and the rains have assisted greatly. This week we are looking to set up the pump because all of the people who are aware of how the pump is to be set up are on board so that will be additional preparation for if the rains subside so we’re happy about that,” he said. 
There is however, no date yet for the start of the lower tiers. This, Gonsalves said, will be determined during an upcoming meeting.     
“We are looking to have a competitions meeting so we are getting the logistics in place and all that will be indicated to them in terms of the whole availability and condition of certain fields. Some may have the additional issue of being school fields also,” he said.
“We will be talking with the ministry also to see where they can take care of their fields and what they can do about that situation, but we would have to take the bull by its horn and proceed with assisting the clubs in terms of getting their fields up to speed,” the president added.
The ABFA recently accepted six new clubs into the fold when it held its ordinary general congress last month.
Green City FC, Generation Next, North Coast FC, Belmont FC, FC Master Ballers and Earthquake FC all received the nod from the majority of the association’s membership gathered at the Perry Bay venue.
This means that the ABFA’s total membership is now 62 with 10 clubs in the Premier Division, 12 in the First Division and 40 in the Second Division.

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