Gomes welcomes inclusion of young players in FA’s women’s knockout tournament

2 sowerby league
Cutting Edge football team captured the FA’s Knockout title. (ABFA photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Technical director for the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) Sowerby Gomes has commended teams competing in the FA’s women’s competition for the number of young players being featured in the squads.

Speaking on the heels of the women’s knockout competition captured by Cutting Edge, Gomes said a number of young players have emerged thus far and he thinks this augurs well for the game.

“I am very much satisfied with the standard and I am also impressed with the level of young players in the league and that is the number one thing that stood out in terms of the number of young players, especially in the under-20 age group, which is where the base of the teams are,” he said. 

A former national and Villa Lions defender, Gomes however believes that management of the teams could improve going forward, encouraging teams to before more proactive from a management standpoint.

“Just as how we see a strengthening of the premier league within the men’s section, the management structure within that is much stronger. It has nothing to do with gender because you have some females who are part of the males’ management set-up but within the female set-up thy tend to be dragging their feet when it’s a small number of clubs. We are looking at between seven and eight clubs that are taking part in the females and they tend to drag their feet even with just having their teams registered within the system,” he said.

The women’s league is slated to kick off later this month at the FA’s technical and training center.

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