Gomes: I am too focused on the task at hand to be distracted

Former national defender, Sowerby Gomes
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By Neto Baptiste

Former national defender, Sowerby Gomes, is not bothered by calls for his recent appointment as technical director by the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) to be rescinded.

Gomes was recently elevated to the post left vacant following the death of former director, Rolston Williams, in October last year. The news was however met with some resistance with intended presidential contender Barbara Coates questioning the timing and procedures used to appoint both Gomes and new referee department head, Kelesha Antoine.

“Really? No. I understand what this job entails, but more so, because of the journey I have been on, it’s a journey in which we want to bring out the full DNA of Antigua and Barbuda and that is building a character of resilience, building a character of commitment or being committed, dedicated and focused; [it is] for me to pour out and show someone how the committed person looks; how does someone with resilience look? I have to live it,” he said. 

The former Villa Lions player, who said that his main focus is to ensure that young players are receiving the best possible guidance from certified coaches, ensured that his roll will differ from many directors in the past who seemingly operated more like coaches.

“It’s certainly a fallacy over the years, and I’ve watched it for a number of years; all the technical directors who would have come to Antigua follow the suit of the [senior] national team, so all of the energy was being spent on the national team; but now FIFA has come back and redrafted the whole role of a technical director, which is to craft and create the way forward for your development of football in your country,” he said. 

Coates has vowed to involve outside influences like Concacaf and FIFA in her bid to have the decision rescinded.

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