Go-slow continues at dialysis unit

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The go-slow at the dialysis unit at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre has continued with no word of resolve from government.
Nurses at that department have slowed up work since Tuesday while they seek a response for their grievances.
President of the Nurses Association, Karen Josiah told OBSERVER media, the association had not received any indication from the powers that be, as to when a solution would be met.
Currently dialysis patients are receiving two treatments per week, one less than the minimum requirement of three and this is being attributed to lack of  man power.
“We are just awaiting word from the authorities. The patients are still receiving the basic two treatments a week but that’s what the nurses can cope with at this time, based on the staff available. This is not what is required, but at least they will do with that for now, until next week when we hope things will brighten up a little bit,” she said.
Josiah, was quick to add that, the nurses were not turning away patients, but “they are doing the best that they can.”
When our news room reached out to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, she said that she had no knowledge of the situation.
“The report that I’ve gotten from the hospital is that the nurses are sick,” Sealey-Thomas said.
The nurses have been complaining that the number of patients at the dialysis unit has increased considerably over the last couple of weeks and they were promised six additional specialist trained nurses in dialysis care from Cuba, however that has not materialised.
They also claim that they have not been given the assistance of an orderly which they say is needed to assist with the movement of patients.
There are over 90 patients currently receiving dialysis, and the nurses are dialysing 44 patients each day with a staff complement of eight, working 12-hour round the clock shifts.

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