Gift of love for St John’s Hospice

Veronica Nelson (right) donates items to Cathlyn Gilkes of St John’s Hospice
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Patients at St John’s Hospice are receiving extra special care this week thanks to a generous donation which included a heap of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Veronica Nelson, a fashion industry promoter, gathered the locally-grown produce, along with cleaning supplies and bottles of drinking water, for the non-profit palliative care facility.

Two local companies – Total Import Supplies Ltd and Roti King – assisted her in her mission.

Nelson might be better known for her work with ‘Fashiontastic – Boost the Talented Promotions’ but a decision in January to focus on a new project left her with some time to spare.

She told Observer she wanted to give back to those most in need.

“Our elders and grandparents’ prayers are why we are still here today. I love fresh food myself so I donated what I like to eat personally to help them feel as well as possible,” she said.

The hospice’s Cathlyn Gilkes thanked Nelson for the “thoughtful and timely” donation, delivered yesterday.

“It has been, and continues to be, a very financially challenging time and we are acutely aware that almost everyone is in the same boat,” Gilkes said. “We are so touched that, despite the challenges, you cared enough to share.”

St John’s Hospice has been in operation at the former Holberton Hospital complex since December 2011.

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