Gasper bids farewell to Teen Xplosion title

Gasper performing at Teen Splash

Shaveesa Gasper, the 2015 Teen Xplosion winner has urged her peers to embrace the lessons from life experiences to help shape their future.

In her final walk before handing over the reins, Gasper, who received severe burns to 60 per cent of her body in a domestic dispute at her home on January 1, said she is stronger today having embraced the changes to her life.

“I beseech you to be fearless, be doubtless and trust the quiet voice within. Turn your back on the naysayers, liars and the haters and believe in who you are, rely on that inner strength; reflect on your enjoyable and triumphant memories. Life is a journey with questionable situations and doubts, persons come and persons go but… I am grateful for what they have taught me,” she said.

Adorned in an Afrocentric red and yellow body hugging number,

that tapered to a voluminous fish tail, a poised Gasper elegantly walked across the stage at the Antigua Recreation Grounds to resounding applause, some even brought to tears by the tower of strength radiating from the 2015 winner that blew kisses to her supporters in the audience.

“There comes a point in time where you could either cower and retreat from life or you can embrace the changes, I have chosen to embrace the changes in my life.

“If there is nothing else, I wish for all those in attendance participants and [Monday] night’s winner to remember is this – life may never go as smoothly as planned, it is indeed a roller-coaster with both amazing and horrendous times,” she added.

She thanked those who assisted her in her run to

Teen Xplosion 2015, and those who have showed unwavering support during her hospitalization in Antigua, Martinique and then to Paris, where she remained in recovery for six months before returning to Antigua on July 5.

Though her reign has come to an end, Gasper assured the audience that the fire within burns brighter than the flames that once consumed her and the journey as “Shaveesa Gasper is just beginning.”

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