Gardner asked to ‘withdraw’ from tennis association

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National tennis player, Kevin Gardner, has been asked to “withdraw” himself (as a member) of the Antigua and Barbuda Tennis Association (ABTA) or face possible expulsion by the general body.
In a letter dated July 21, 2018, Gardner was informed that in accordance with the association’s constitution, he had one week in which to withdraw his membership in writing.
Should he fail to adhere to the stipulation, Gardner’s membership, according to the letter, will be reviewed at an Extraordinary General Meeting and a vote taken six weeks from the date of the letter.
The letter however, stipulates that the player could attend the meeting at which time he would be allowed to offer a defense.
Withdrawing himself as a member of the association would mean that Gardner would no longer be able to play at tournaments under the Antigua and Barbuda flag and would no longer be eligible for national selection.
The player has indicated that he will not withdraw his membership with the tennis association.
Gardner, during a Davis Cup team meeting in Costa Rica, squabbled with captain, Cordell Williams Sr., over whether he was right to record the proceedings without the knowledge and consent of those present.
It is also alleged that Williams Sr., also president of the tennis association, had threatened to remove Gardner from the doubles team and replace him with Cordell Williams Jr., his son.
Gardner was subsequently removed but replaced with the country’s top seed, Jody Maginley. It was reported that the association wrote a letter to the tournament referee in Costa Rica, claiming that Gardner was injured and could not continue in the tournament. Gardner denied he was ever injured.
The player was eventually allowed to leave Costa Rica ahead of the team’s scheduled departure after claims of being unable to train with the other players and having limited to no communication with both Williams Sr. and other members of the team.
Those claims were later denied by Vice President of the association, Peter Quinn, who accused the player of fabricating stories.

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