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Garbage truck driver fined 7.5k for possession of cannabis

A garbage truck driver was slapped with a $7500 fine for being in possession of 372 grams of cannabis.

Peter Nelson appeared in the St John’s Magistrates Court yesterday before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke where he admitted to possession of cannabis and intent to transfer said drugs.

On February 27, officers from the narcotics department went to the man’s Cashew Hill home armed with a search warrant.

Upon identifying themselves and showing him the warrant, they searched his home, and at first, found a transparent plastic bag containing bushy like substance on a dressing table.

When asked about the substance found, Nelson said: “Officer a likkle weed me buy fuh smoke.”

The officers continued to search the home and another transparent plastic bag with a cannabis-like substance was found in a shopping bag in the kitchen.

Nelson was informed of the offense and consequently arrested and charged.

He was taken into custody along with the substance which was weighed in his presence.

They drugs were worth a total of $3720.

Magistrate Clarke gave the defendant an opportunity to speak before sentencing, but he chose to remain silent.

The sentencing guidelines were then applied – the value of the drugs was multiplied by three, but since the man was a first-time offender and pleaded guilty 1/3 was subtracted from the initial $11,160 bringing the fine to $7440.

The Magistrate however rounded off the amount to $7500.



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