Gangsters get lengthy jail sentences for 'Shanty Town' shooting

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Shelton Hunte has been sentenced to 33 years in jail for wounding Judith Wynter with intent to murder her during Carnival 2013.
And, Trevorn Francis, is to serve 24 years in prison after he too was convicted of the crime.
We hear more from Martina Johnson in this report.

Well, in addition to being jailed for 33 years for shooting with intent to murder Judith Wynter, Shelton Hunte was also sentenced to 27 years in jail for shooting at Francis and another 10 years for possession of the firearm he used. The sentences will run concurrently. So, his total jail sentence is 33 years.
For Trevorn Francis, who is to serve 24 years for what he did to Wynter, another 24 year jail sentence was imposed for shooting his rival Shelton Hunte. On top of that, he was also sentenced to 10 years for possession of the gun used. His sentences will also be served simultaneously.

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