Further funding for Barbuda slim

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Chances of Barbuda receiving additional funding for the island’s recovery programme are slim.
Michael Joseph, president of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross, in expressing the view on OBSERVER AM on Thursday, said that it is unusual for donor agencies to pledge direct finances as disaster relief and he does not think that what happened in Barbuda’s case following Hurricane Irma would be repeated any time soon.
Noting that the next hurricane season is four months away, the Red Cross president said, donors tend to have funds put aside for other disasters. “The chance of us getting any other funding is pretty much slim to none. So the funds that we already have, it’s a matter for us to use them in the most effective way.”
He, however, noted that there are additional donors, who have offered assistance in a variety of ways. Joseph also disclosed that the Red Cross is in discussion with other donors for more long-term assistance for Barbuda.
He is optimistic that the assistance being sought would be obtained within the next six months.
“We have a great team that’s working in Barbuda. We have a great team that is working in Antigua. We have huge support from our international, national societies that is supporting us in technical areas where we have gaps,” Joseph confidently stated.
He also expressed the assurance that the Red Cross would deliver things that the Barbudans would appreciate. According to him, it is important to have continuous dialogue with them to hear how they feel about the programme and to help in developing the programme.

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