‘Funeral’ gives birth to new ECCB website

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“There are some things in our family that need a facelift, others an overhaul and still others, a funeral. Our current website needs a funeral.”
That was the declaration made by Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Timothy Antoine, on assuming the office last February, and was the propelling force behind the conception of the new ECCB website which was launched on Wednesday.
The governor’s vision for this new site is to enhance the bank’s organisational effectiveness by the inclusion of communication tools which would place the ECCB in a position to effectively reach the citizens of its member countries and the wider world. The goal was essentially to ensure that the aspirations of the ECCB for a modern and visually-appealing website were materialised.
“What I hope to achieve is an easy way for the citizens in the region to be able to stay in touch with the bank and frankly for the bank to stay in touch with you. This is about serving the people of the region – making it easier, making it simple, making it plain, making it accessible and that’s what we want to accomplish,” Antoine announced.
(More in Today’s Daily Observer)

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