Funds needed to get a home for girls

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The Cottage of Hope is soliciting the public support, to finally establish a permanent home to nurture young girls in need.
The Cottage of Hope, officially known as Na-Dan Ministries, is currently operating in the Golden Grove area.
However, the charity’s Public Relations Officer Sharon Daniel told OBSERVER media that they need their own home.

Cottage of Hope Public Relations Officer, Sharon Daniel.
This is the first time that the charity has spoken publicly and, the Halo Foundation is now planning a fundraiser on October 20 to help them.
The fundraiser will fund the Foundation’s projects: the rowing team, Team Antigua Island Girls’ efforts to participate in the Atlantic Challenge and the Cottage of Hope.
Member for the Halo Foundation’s youth arm, Generation Y, Charrelle Browne says that extra funds raised for the rowing team will go directly to the Cottage.

Member of the Hope Foundation Generation Y, Charrelle Browne.

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