From the Juniors to the big stage: the Evolution of Ge’Eve

The 16-year-old is hoping to take the soca arena by storm. ’Eve, formally known as Baby Eve in homage to her mother and former calypsonian Eve, has dominated the junior calypso realm for several years.
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By Carlena Knight

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In life, one thing remains constant, and that is change.

The true challenge is whether to embrace that growth or to remain stagnant, and for musician Ge’Eve Philip, that mantra has never before been so imperative.

The junior calypsonian formally known as Baby Eve, having won crowns in the past during Carnival celebrations, is now ready to spread her wings and fully transition onto the soca scene, shaking off the children calypsonian persona and transforming into a mature soca performer.

“Though calypso may be the mother of soca, my preference stands firmly with soca,” Philip revealed.

“I am able to freely showcase my true personality and exert the maximum efforts during my performances. Soca is a powerful genre of music which connects hearts together, and I want to play a major role in that,” she added.

Having grown up in a musical family, Philip decided to finally “put her foot into the ring.”

It was only when Philip was seven years old that she finally got the confidence to perform, but since then, it has been full steam ahead for the bubbly and outspoken 16-year-old.

In fact, Philip, a fifth form student at the Antigua Girls High School (AGHS) is hoping to one day become an international icon and an inspiration for generations to come.

“I want to be the voice for the youth. I want to initiate a legacy that will live on,” she said.

The start of that journey, according to Philip, has already gotten underway with the upcoming release of her new song, cleverly titled “Grow Up.”

“The song vocalises the fact that carnival isn’t just the greatest summer festival of the year, but a festival that you grow with, regardless of age. Whether it may be the joy, spirit or energy, it’s definitely here to stay,” Philip explained.

The song was produced by Aplus Music, composed by Adrian Burke, Jamaal Miller and Ge’Eve herself, and mixed and mastered by Nikohlai Greene of NMG Music.

It will be released on April 20.

“The mission this year is to get my fans affiliated with the transition from Baby Eve to Ge’Eve with my new release. Hopefully, this song will be one that impacts the ears of people and creates a stir throughout the carnival session as it is relatable,” Philip mentioned.

With the countdown already on until the ‘greatest summer festival,’ Philip who has now officially relaunched as a full-fledged soca artiste, did share her enthusiasm at being able to compete in the senior’s soca monarch category.

She added that “once given the nod by the Carnival Commission, fans could definitely look out for her.”

When asked what sort of advice she would give to other young and up-and-coming artistes, Phillip advised them to “stay focused on the goal at hand, be resistant to negativity, but also to have an open ear to constructive criticism.”

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