From a distraught resident..

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Dear Editor,
I am a resident of the Belmont community and for years we have had to endure the deplorable road conditions in the area. There are new sidewalks being built on dirt roads, a bridge that occupies one half of a road and a road that has only one side completed for years now. My main reason for writing this article however is because for about two years now, the road leading to my home has been impassable. Myself and other residents who live on that road has to take a longer route to get to our homes. If you think that is bad try looking at the condition of the stagnant water and smelling the stench that eminates from it. There are children who live right beside that pond for goodness sake! 
I am making an appeal to the powers that be and to the representative of that area. Do something before a virus starts spreading among us infecting not only us but our children as well.
Distraught resident
PS. Do not underestimate the depth of this hole.  Not even pick up trucks can go through.
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