From a curse to a blessing: Potters residents happy for road repaired after 50 years

Front Road
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By Shermain Bique Charles

[email protected]

“From a curse to a blessing”, exclaimed some residents of Potters after repairs were completed to their street, which they claimed had been under a “spell” for the better part of 50 years.

The repairs were recently undertaken by the government, and the residents — mainly the older folks — have viewed that as a reason for celebrating, especially after suffering some serious setbacks over the years.

“About 50 years ago…or maybe more than that, a politician cursed the road saying it would never be fixed. And truly the road remained untouched for so many years that we gave up hope. We started to believe that it was in fact under a spell,” a woman who wanted to be referred to only as ‘LB’ told Observer.

The lady, who lived in the village all her life, recalled the setbacks and impediments she and her family suffered.

“When it rained, the area became swampy. Water would flood the road; it was muddy. We had to tie plastic around our shoes to go to school and remove it when we get to the main road,” she recalled.

Her story was backed up by another villager named Curtis Grant who said he has lived in Potters for 47 years.

“I am happy this road is completed because it was impassible. It took quite some time for them to address our road concerns,” he told Observer.

Grant also recalled the folk story about the road being under a spell.

“I heard about the curse and I can say that myself. I actually believed it because it has been a long, long time. I was a small boy when the curse supposedly happened but my parents told me,” he added.

For another man, who gave his name as Devon, the road situation was so dire that he had to move to another village.

“It was so bad that I actually moved from the area and relocated to English Harbour all for the fact that the road was so horrible. Now that they reconstructed the road, I feel a little more comfortable and I am gratified to whoever is responsible; I am super gratified,” he said.

Meanwhile, a woman who returned to the community about a year ago said she was “super excited” that the road has been “fixed”, and recalled how much of a headache it had caused when she lived there several years ago.

“I am from Potters. I returned over a year ago. But before it was fixed, cars had to turn around because it was a dead end. Right now, it is traffic all around; I am very happy,” she said.

The paved road is currently being cleaned by the Public Works Department.

Member of Parliament for the area, Dean Jonas, said he was instrumental in getting the repairs to the road completed.

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